About Us

Bonjour!About Me

When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade out of them. That is something I always believed in. Okay, correction! Something I have started believing in

First things first! I am Princy Mascarenhas, age.. uhh let’s keep that away for now, engineer by profession, writer by passion Proud Indian and Bangalorean.
To be honest, being a blogger never crossed my mind ever until recently. I started reading a fellow blog 3 years ago and wrote articles there for 7 months By then I had realized what made me happy Writing! The idea of sharing something and helping a person choose what they want, makes me happy

So here I am, with The Jeromy Diaries Why diaries? Because with a camera in my bag, I will pen down all beautiful things along the way – more appropriate word would be ‘my life’    I will be sharing my thoughts on products(reviews), brand reviews, wardrobe suggestions, outfit posts,  photography treats by Ferrol Jeromy (more on him in awhile), food reviews…. being the foodie that I am, restaurant reviews and everything else under the sun!
I can go on and on about the blog but NO, you see it yourself But before you guys get reading, let me share my profile with regard to skin tone, skin type and my hair.

Eyes:  Dark brown but tends to look black in pictures.

Hair Type:  I have dark brown, medium length straight hair which is dry with oily scalp. And there are times my hair decides to act wavy too XD

Skin Tone:  MAC NC30

Skin Type: I have combination skin that is oily/sensitive in summers and normal/dry in winters.

Now sit back, relax and have fun!


Princy  Mascarenhas