The first movie experience I shared on the blog was the movie Baby and after that movie I haven’t shared anything under movie tab. Well, the reason for that is; I don’t like to write or comment about any movie until I really feel like it needs to be spoken about. On that note, the movie I felt deserves to be written about is this week’s Bollywood flick Airlift. And what a co-incidence it is that my second movie review on the blog is about a Akshay Kumar starrer too.

airlift movie review the jeromy diaries

Movie: Airlift

Language: Hindi/Bollywood

Duration: 130 minutes.

Genre: Drama/Thriller/History

Director: Raja Menon

 Story: Ritesh Shah. Suresh Nair, Raja Menon, Rahul Nangia

Cast:  Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur, Purab Kohli, Kumud Mishra, Prakash Belwadi, Feryna Wazheir

airlift moview review the jeromy diaries

Airlift is based on true events that occurred during the Kuwait-Iraq Gulf war in 1990. It narrates the plight of 170,000 Indian refugees in Kuwait and is believed to be the largest air evacuation by the civil aviation in the history of mankind.

The movie is directed by Raja Menon, and “Airlift” happens to be his third movie as a director in Bollywood. However, Raja Menon is a known name in the industry in the field of cinematography for some amazing movies like BOMBAY, MORNING RAGA and GURU to name a few. Airlift is altogether a breathtaking experience and makes you an Akshay Kumar fan instantly (if you’re not) as he delivers his career’s best performance yet.

akshay kumar in airlift hindi movie

Airlift opens to a shot where an arrogant and successful businessman, Ranjit Katyal potrayed by Akshay Kumar is securing a business deal with the Arabs and he is shown not to care about anyone’s emotions but just care for his company’s profits and growth. As the story ascends, his lavish lifestyle and how proud he is to be in Kuwait is shown as he calls himself Kuwaiti and not an Indian and prefers Arabic music over Hindi.

airlift akshay kumar nimrat kaur movie

Ranjit Katyal also has another side, which is a loving father and a husband, and his wife’s role is played by very beautiful and talented Nimrat Kaur. She is significant in the movie and plays a protective wife in a sequence confronting an irritating refugee which is beautiful to look at.

Without wasting much screen time the movie progresses with Iraq’s invasion into Kuwait and the situation to be chaotic. The animations and the special effects are fantastic to watch on the screen and feels realistic. With all the mayhem happening in the country, Ranjit tries to scrutinize the problem and while trying to reach to the Indian embassy for help,he witnesses his driver’s death by the Iraqi invaders for no reason and this episode makes him poignant.The story further displays the pompous businessman caring for other’s lives and worrying for his own family’s safety.

airlift purab kohli the jeromy diaries

Airlift has impressive performances by Purab Kohli as Ibrahim Durrani, Akshay’s main man in the mission is worth the credit, and Prakash Belwadi playing as Mr. George an irritating refugee is something which is very commendable. The cast also has British-Asian actress Feryna Wazheir who happens to play a noteworthy role of a Kuwaiti lady and delivers only with her expressions and no dialogues.

inaamulhaq in airlift akshay kumar hindi movie the jeromy diaries

Apart from these roles, there is Inaamulhaq who plays a serious role of a major of Iraqi army and he justifies his negative role fabulously. Another prominent character in the movie is played by Kumud Mishra, who happens to be a govornment official in Indian External Ministry, who is an integral part of the complete mission.

akshay kumar in airlift movie the jeromy diaries

The story further leads to point where 170,000 people depend on 1 man for their safety and he very willingly takes responsibility for their safety and provides them for 50 odd days while trying to contact and seek help from the Indian govt. Despite having all the contacts, money and the influence to get away from the chaos the movie beautifully shows the transition of an arrogant man who could have fled the country with his family the very next day from its havoc state but chooses to stay and help the rest of the refuges instead.

Finally, this movie is a fantastic effort by the director and the cast to show the state of the refuges during the Gulf war. Airlift becomes even more special if you’re away from India, or if you have ever lived in Gulf region, as there are parts in the movie which literally gives you goosebumps and makes you a proud Indian.

dil cheez tujhe dedi airlift movie song the jeromy diaries

The music in Airlift is astounding, most of the songs are composed by Amaal Malik nephew of the great Anu Malik. Ankit Tiwari has composed Dil cheez thuje dedi which is sung by Arijit Singh. Most of the songs in the album are sung by Arijit Singh making it an excellent Bollywood album. The track Tu Bhoola Jise sung by KK showing Akshay’s transition does all the justice to the movie (spoiler alert: it’s the new “Vande Mataram”).

Is Airlift worth watching in the theatres?

Without a doubt! Airlift is a treat if you’re someone who likes to watch movies based on true stories. It is a biography of a very successful businessman named Sunny Mathews in Kuwait during 1990’s Gulf War and his transition to become a hero and save over 170,000 Indian refuges by taking care of them for 59 days and contacting the Indian government consequently, arranging 488 flights for the rescue. To sum it up, this is one of the best movies I have ever watched and I was not able to take my eyes off from the screen even for a minute.

Watch it with your friends and families and do let us know, how you liked the movie. 🙂

The Jeromy Diaries Verdict: 9.5/10

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