April Fab Bag 2015 Review

First things first. It’s Princy here who has always loved her Fab Bag subscriptions. Looking at the products I receive, my friends gave it a try. While for some it was a hit, it was unpleasant for some. On our blog, we do good reviews as well as bad. So here’s one so that Fab Bag buckles up and really do what they do best. Make us happy 🙂

Here’s introducing Sanjana! My bestie, the most prettiest doll ! No, literally! She does resemble a doll with those big round eyes and facial features one could die for ♥ This is her first blog on The Jeromy Diaries and here’s something she has to say about her first month Fab Bag subscription!


” Fab-u-LESS Fabbag!!

Hello everyone 🙂

It’s that time of the month again. Time to unpack those boxes and indulge in all the goodness it has to offer!!

The April fab bag in particular was quite interesting. The products were plain irresistible and the offers were great too. So I subscribed to a 3 month plan and got an additional one month free. Happy?? Very!!

I received my fab bag in the second week of may. Never mind the delay. Honestly, who cares about that stuff when the box is waiting to be devoured? It came packed in white cover like it always does; clean and intact. I couldn’t contain my excitement. Who doesn’t like goodies afterall? I opened the box and *booooom* (that’s my excitement bubble bursting) What I found inside left me utterly disappointed.


1.The city colour blush had crumbled and fell out like grains of sand from an open hand.

2.The malavara lime vetiver body wash had leaked and left the entire bag feeling soapy. On the bright side, my fab bag smells better than most of yours!

3.Kama ayurveda mridul face cleanser was open on one side.

20150517_111305The rest of the products look like they need a bath but at least they’re intact.


Sadly my disappointment doesn’t end here. The number mentioned on the fb page ‘does not exist’ and calls to the number on their website always goes unanswered. I had to write mails and wait for their back end team to respond which they did after two days and it was unsatisfactory to say the least. They promised to ‘arrange a replacement for the same’ but it is unclear what ‘the same’ refers to. The bag or the damaged products. I guess only time will tell.

We really hope fab bag strives to be as fabulous as it promises to be. ☺

Buckle up fabbag!!

On TJD score card,

                                  Grade                         Meaning
                                  A+                      Excellent, MUST buy!
                                  A                      Very good, worth a try
                                  B+                      Good
                                  B                      Satisfactory
                                  C+                      Go on, take a risk
                                  F                      EPIC fail! Stay away!

With a heavy heart, although we always grade our fab bags A or A+, this time April Fab Bag 2015 scores a Grade F.

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