Hey folks!!

As you all knew already,  I was going to be attending Art Bengaluru 2016 on 19th August at UB city. I was there to catch a glimpse of the opening night at Art Bengaluru with Karsh Kale performing for the crowd.

art bengaluru 2016 the jeromy diariesThe performance was exhilarating you guys! The whole crowd was jiving to the harmonious beat of tabla by Karsh Kale as he swept away the crowd with their performance Ranjhana. The guitarist not only played some amazing tunes but left everyone  swaying to his tunes. I think the most important thing for a singer or musician is having to captivate his/her audience. Karsh Kale did just that! Altogether, the opening night concert was something that all music lovers would love, thanks to Karsh Kale.

art bengaluru 2016 karsh kale opening night the jeromy diaries IMG_6312IMG_6311Coming to the artwork on display, Dilip Choudhary’s art was alluring! His works takes you to  his  birthplace Kolkata. His paintings reminded me of this quote by Vincent van Gogh, ‘ I dream my painting and I paint my dream ‘.  🙂 Every painting conveys an immense thought and Dilip’s connection with Bengal. I have few pictures of it for you.

art bengaluru 2016 art on display the jeromy diaries art bengaluru opening night pictures the jeromy diaries art bengaluru the jeromy diaries art bengluru 2016 display the jeromy diariesComing to the fun section, there was virtual painting that one could try at Art Bengaluru 2016. This was by far the most coolest thing I have come across. It was not only fun doing it but even more when you get to know how your virtual painting turns out to  be! 😀 Mine was pathetic, I ain’t an artist ! LOL

karsh kale live at art bengaluru 2016 the jeromy diariesThe time I spent there trying all these cool things as well as swaying to such great music was really so much fun. As they say, ‘ Time waits for none’, so that is all I could cover for the evening .

But guys, do visit Art Bengaluru 2016 if you are someone who loves art, performance arts or photography! It’s going on from August 19, 2016 to August 28, 2016 at UB City. It happens every year and every year, Art Bengaluru has a new element to add! This year the virtual painting took the crown. 🙂

That’s all for now! We’ll be back again to let you know what else is happening at Art Bengaluru Grand Finale 2016. 🙂

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  • Aparajita Sengupta

    Such beautiful paintings! 😮

  • Paintings were so beautiful 🙂

  • sahana ramanand

    This looks so good. Wish I could’ve made it there…

  • Priyanjana Roy

    This sounds like fun! I wish I could go too!

  • IshtyleAwhile

    Virtual painting!!! That sounds really fascinating!!!

  • Looks like such a fun time!