ASUS Zenfone 2 launch and features

ASUS is a Taiwanese multinational which makes computer hardware and electronics. As the computing generation is shifting to mobile computing now, every multinational wants to provide their customers a mobile phone which is best when compared to its competitors.

ASUS also launched its android based mobile device series in 2014 in Las Vegas called Zenfone. Now the second generation of #Zenfone2 is here in 2015 and it is just a sweet treat to gadget freaks without a doubt.

With every company wanting to provide the best, ASUS has taken this as a challenge to provide the best in mobile phones and still have a considerable price tag attached.  The first thing that always gets me curious about a phone is checking its configuration and also have a hands on experience with it.


ASUS has decided to go with Quad core 64 bit Intel atom processor which has its mark in the market with its speed and for a mobile device it is a good and decent processor.

There are two things about this phone which actually makes the wait better and more curious for me at least

  • #AsusZenfone2 ZenUI and
  • PixelMaster Camera. (13mp rear and 5mp front)

These two features are something which I’m personally waiting for, in terms of hands on experience.. And #Zenfone2 claiming to have it way different and better from its competitors is what makes it a very interesting device.

User interface is something which I’m sure every user looks forward for. Because I feel it’s the soul of the device as the device needs to give a pleasant and good feel to its end user, apart its ergonomics. Well, speaking of ergonomics, #AsusZenfone2 promises to provide “Ergonomic Arc Design” which has 72% of body-to-screen ratio and sounds good to me, as screen should be of a decent size.It also claims to have a rear key for convenient access and with many color to choose from. I don’t want to opinionate on the ergonomics now as I have no hands on experience.


This is going to be a 4G LTE dual MicroSIM phone and promises to charge fast in comparison to its new counter parts in the market.

The camera is my real interest in this device as it promises a PixelMaster Camera, which claims to work wonders in low light and HDR modes. To know more about PixelMaster Camera we may have to wait a bit more but it’ll definitely be worth the wait is what I’m hoping!

Psst… ASUS Zenfone 2 is available on Flipkart exclusively it seems! Go take a look.

And have you noticed how ASUS wrote about 25,000 pre-orders in 24-hours of their launch on Facebook? Woah! 😀


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