Google hosts Google Cafe in Bangalore – #GoogleHouse

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Today, I’m talking about an event we posted about on our social media last month. Well, this event was way back in the month of August and I apologize for the delay as I had to move my base to North America. And how lovely does it feel to be embraced by this place already. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more pictorial description about this country.

IMG_2262Now coming back to #Googlehouse. This was an event by Google India to showcase how different Google products can be used in our daily life personally as well as professionally. Professionally each one of us use Google almost every day.

Google wanted to display their products and how it can be integrated in your day-to-day activities.

IMG_2264The first product which was explained in detail was Google search tab. We all know how Google tries to predict what we’re trying to search but now Google has a lot more in it’s search tab, like: weather updates, local attraction, nearby photo spots, nearby eating joints, currency exchange.



In the screen shot you can see it as BHD to CAD, as I was living in Bahrain before moving to Canada, so Google is even aware of your local locations always and gives you information accordingly. Apart from this, if you have a flight to catch on a particular day, Google reminds you about the time you need to leave to the airport to board a flight. And if you’re someone like me then you’ll surely love their voice search in this tab wherein you can apparently speak to your device and get all the information required. All you need to say is “Ok Google” and Google even reads out the options you get.

This is a lovely feature if you’re someone who travels a lot. At the event, Google had invited Anushka Menon who is a model, photographer, DJ and is a multi talented lady who is always on her feet and is always busy with some or the other events. Who better than her could explain a feature like this from Google?  For me as a live example, after moving to Canada, Google maps has literally been my travel partner to easily find routes within the city. Being new to the place usually we never have a clue how to go and where so Google maps has always come to my rescue.



IMG_2286The next segment was interesting for me as I’m a foodie. Celebrity chef and Master Chef India judge, Chef Kunal Kapur was at the event to explain how to use Google in the kitchen. Google has this magical search tab which is part of our everyday lives now. Well it just got better, all you need to say is “Ok Google” and it wakes up by itself and then you can voice command it by saying “pizza vs chicken burger calories” and tada! You have all the details you need to know on your screen and not just calories but you can even discover new recipes by just saying ingredients to Google, for example, “recipes of pineapple and dosa batter” and there! You have an entire list with what you can do with dosa batter and pineapple.

IMG_2293IMG_2297Google also has this amazing app called Google Translate. Well, most of us are aware of that I guess and I reacted similarly at the event thinking “I know what you can do with Google Translate. It is an old app, what’s so new in this?” Well, they have an amazing feature in Google Translate now called Live Translate which basically works with the camera in your device. All you have to do is, place your camera towards the foreign language which you can’t read and in the app you have to select the language which you want to translate and the language output of that translation to be in.

For example; if you want to translate a menu in the hotel which is written in English or French to Hindi. All you have to do is select the input and output languages in the Google Translate app and hold your camera towards the board or menu you want to translate in your preferred language and you can see the exact same board or menu on your screen in your preferred language! 🙂



IMG_2306The next product from Google covers the everyday entertainment aspect of life. And to showcase this product Google India had Daboo Ratnani and Kanan Gill at the event. Daboo Ratnani being a celebrity photographer has to deal with millions of pictures and to save all that is problem #1 and finding them when required is problem #2 but with Google Photos app, it’s all sorted out. How?

Well, Google uses Google Drive to store all your pictures in the same exact resolution as you upload it. And finding it when you need is amazingly simple because every picture you have stored will be stored under different categories based on weeks and months which makes it simpler to find. This is a lovely app brought by Google as I can relate to this and I know how difficult it is to find that one particular picture which you clicked months back.

Kanan Gill, the famous youtuber and standup comedian was there to show us how offline Youtube works which we all pretty much know about.


On the whole, Google Cafe was a memorable event where we got to meet great achievers and also learnt what’s new in each field with Google as a companion. 🙂

I hope you learnt something new from this article as well as much as I loved writing about it.

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