Who is a CEO? What is his role in the company? Why does he even exist?

Many of us have many different definitions for these questions. Few of you might say the person who manages the company and few others may say the person who is responsible for the company’s functioning, which is indeed true. But according to us, a CEO is a person who is an executive who basically can fit in any spot in the company as he would have graduated to the level of handling the whole company’s operations understanding every individual’s job roles.

indiasmostlovedceoBy now you may be wondering why on earth we are talking about CEOs. Well, why not? Do you love the CEO of your company? What is he or she good at and why do you love working for that company or that person? Would he/she be India’s most loved CEO?

So many questions! But we might find an answer on www.indiansmostlovedceo.com , a website which is hosting a contest to know who India’s most loved CEO is. Is it even possible to evaluate a person or the role he/she is in? What could be the criteria for the person to win this contest? To know your answers to all these questions, tweet using #IndiansMostLovedCEO and ask your questions. Guess which CEO you think is going to win this contest and you get a chance to win MOTO G phones and Flipkart vouchers!

satya-nadellaRecently we saw two tech giants, Google and Microsoft have CEOs of Indian origin which is great!  But who actually is loved the most among these and many others? Who do people want to work for and who do they enjoy working under? You can nominate your company’s CEO for this contest too. So do not hesitate and register your nominations for the most loved CEO in India.

sundar-pichai-googleWho will it be? This question is worrying me more than the question “Egg came first or chicken”. But I’m definitely thrilled to know who India’s most loved CEO is going to be. Until then, let’s keep guessing and asking questions using hashtag #IndiasMostLovedCEO on Twitter.

I’ll be back again with more insight on this!

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