Is Airtel 4G truly the fastest network ever?

Well, we are all aware of the number of telecommunication providers in India and how each one of them claims to be best. But one such provider who really delivers what they claim is Airtel network. This is from my personal experience and opinion and if you are someone who doesn’t agree with it, then I respect your opinion and would probably ask you to take “AIRTEL 4G CHALLENGE”

The world has no time for any one and it’s quite literal and evident in this era. Everyone wants everything to be fast as time is considered to be money. In a fast life like this, one thing which matters to almost 9 out of 10 people is the speed of their Internet. Using Internet to me 12 years back was going to a cyber café and wait for a Gmail page to load which used to take like 2 minutes to load and another 2 minutes to log in and so on. Now, Internet is in our pockets thanks to smartphones and if the Gmail page doesn’t load in maximum 7 seconds, we go bonkers and declare that our phone is useless. People have lost patience over a period of time and it makes sense as well, as each one of us have a tonne of things to deal with and Internet should not be one of those things.



Hence, Airtel has launched 4G network nationwide today with a television commercial which in the end concludes “Isse faster network mile toh lifetime mobile bills free”. This has truly caught my attention and I can’t wait to upgrade from Airtel 3G to Airtel 4G.

Now I’m sure most of you must be wondering that Airtel 4G claims to be the fastest network and gives so many facilities at this speed,  so the price attached to it is going to put a huge hole in my pockets. I also thought the same 😛

Well, Kaaaabooom!!! Airtel 4G is going to cost you as much as your 3G network pack costs. Isn’t that awesome???



Personally, I have experienced download size of 700 mb movies for 8 hours also on my desktop, this, I’m talking about in the year 2007. Now to download a movie in 3G it takes maybe 30 to 45 minutes. With Airtel 4G network, I can’t imagine how long it may take to download a movie. Actually, to be honest I might not download it at all and might watch it online, that is the kind of convince we are talking here. You don’t have to plan to watch a movie with your friends 2-3 days before and you can make instant plans of watching movie. This is just one benefit out of million benefits with a fast Internet. Imagine the happiness to book a bus or train ticket on a fast network. The time for preparation of a presentation will be halved with a fast network.

And what do you have to do to get a Airtel 4G sim?

Just visit Airtel’s website and ask for a sim, and “thou shalt receive it at the door step” without any additional cost. Make sure the device you’re planning to use this sim is 4G LTE enabled.

Do use Airtel 4G network and let us know how you liked the change in experience. 🙂

Waiting to hear from you all!

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