Let me begin by asking a question to you. How long did you take to get out of your bed this morning? Well, in my case I’m still on bed past two hours since the time I got up this morning and started writing this post. Most of us find it very difficult to even start our day. My apologies if you’re nothing like what I just defined ‘us’. Each one of us would want to be fit and healthy including me. But how many of us dedicate our time to achieve that?


This colossal challenge of being fit and exercising every day is the most difficult thought to begin our day with. However, taking up challenges isn’t new to anyone of us. We need to overcome these difficulties in order to have a better life. ‘Health is wealth’ is an old saying which all of us are aware of but seldom take any action to make it happen.

Difficulties are not just with health; in general, difficulties are in everything right from when you wake up until you go to sleep. Life always surprises you with challenges and difficulties. How to overcome these situations or challenges?

Well, here is my take on how to face challenges or difficulties. Let me start off by saying, I’m no expert. These are just ways in which I try to face challenges and difficulties that come my way.

Firstly, emphasize on your goals

-> Concentrate on everything that is working well, negativity isn’t constructive

-> Be proactive and try to take actions

-> Balance everything physically, mentally and emotionally

-> Do one small thing every day which you fear to do

-> Sometimes letting go is the right thing to do

-> Being grateful and showing gratitude to people

-> Improve from what you were yesterday to be better tomorrow

-> Lastly, DO NOT GIVE UP!

I have tried looking at situations from this perspective and trust me; I’ve never felt so good about taking up challenges and facing difficulties. Do try this and see the change for yourself.

Talking about health, I recently stumbled across a video by ICICI Lombard, which provides many solutions to help you stay fit and healthy. I’m sure we have all been through that phase where we tend to give up on eating healthy and staying fit because ‘dil chahta hain’ to eat what we love and not exercise. This video I saw stresses on the fact #DoTheDifficult. Often we make promises to ourselves and to people who care about us but then we tend to lose focus. In my opinion, this initiative taken by ICICI Lombard will help us with our fitness goals mentally and financially  with nutrition consultations, gym and yoga reimbursements etc.

We as human beings tend to blame the weather, the mood and the situation not to start or continue our fitness regime. But at the end of the day, it comes down to our will power and the zeal to overcome regrets and concentrate on what actually matters.

Motivate the mind, the body will follow!

Happy FITNESS to you!

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  • I completely agree on the point of doing one difficult thing at a time. It gives you such a boost of confidence to take up the next level of difficult task next time.