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How are you all doing? I have been a bit caught up lately because WHY NOT??!! It’s Christmas ♥ 😀 Decorations are in full swing at home and by tomorrow, my house will be filled with my cousins constant chatter and nearest families who are coming down to celebrate Christmas with us.

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Anyhoo, I have been waiting to talk about my Wella Cut and Color hair makeover and some great pampering session I had at Jean Claude Biguine with a deep moisturizing manicure and  a Thalgo facial recently. However, I did not immediately write about my experience because I wanted to really test how the hair color on my hair worked and since some of you sent in queries regarding the hair color I got done, I knew I could answer them only at least after a month’s experience 🙂 So let me WARN you, this post is going to be long. Pretty long and detailed. So grab a cup of coffee and read on…

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Wella Cut and Color experience:

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for such sweet comments when I posted about my hair makeover. I was so skeptical about whether I could pull off the hair colour I chose but hey! It’s all about taking risks  🙂

So today, I’ll be busting a few myths as well as laying down a few facts that you may or may not know about hair coloring. So first, I’m going to share how and what hair colour I chose. After which, I will be answering the queries you guys have sent in!

This was my first hair color experience so I was definitely nervous because I did NOT want to ruin my hair. But I was at ease when I entered Jean Claude Biguine and was assisted by senior stylist Lun. She walked me through the entire process and told me what would look best on my hair length and why.

I already had a layered cut so first I just got my hair trimmed. After which Lun decided to use ‘Balayage’ effect for coloring my hair.

hair coloring treatment at jean claude biguine the jeromy diaries princy mascarenhas (1836 x 2448)

So what exactly is Balayage? Balayage is a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970s. It’s a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional cap highlighting techniques. Balayage gives best results is in hair below the shoulders. It is like your hair is sun-kissed 😀 

Deciding on the colour was the big question mark! Which is that one colour which would not wash me out and at the same time, matches my skin tone. So Lun chose to go for the shade “Magma/39+” from Wella Professional color range. This is how it looks –

hair color experience at jean claude biguine wella professional hair color (1836 x 2448)Looks lighter than my hair colour right? Well, after rinsing out this colour, Lun actually blended this shade with Wella Color Touch 7/7 to tone down the colour. The final result is what you see in the picture below 🙂 I absolutely loved the makeover.

the jeromy diaries wella cut and color experience jean claude biguine india balayage effect the jeromy diaries blogger princy mascarenhas jean claude biguine hair color balayage effect experienceThe entire process took about 3 hours including the haircut, hair color and blending. Now, I have listed below the answers to queries that you guys have sent in:

1) How much does it cost for coloring your hair?

It mainly depends on your hair length. At Jean Claude Biguine, for Wella Cut and Color for my hair length, it costs anywhere between Rs.8000 to Rs.10000. If your hair length is lesser, the price is definitely lesser.

2) Does it make a difference if you go for salons which might be inexpensive?

This completely depends on you. However, I would never risk getting my hair done at salons that would have a cheaper price tag simply because there are a few salons that are really renowned for the hair color services they provide and I would choose them over others. Jean Claude Biguine is known worldwide for the gorgeous hair makeovers they give in terms of color so I chose them.

3) How long will the color stay after hair color treatment?

Again, this depends upon how you take care of your hair. Usually the sunkissed effect stays for almost 3 months after which the color tones down a bit is what Lun said. However, it does not fade until 6 months. If you use a really good color saving shampoo, then it might start fading really late. So it is all about how you take care of your colored hair. 🙂

4) Does coloring your hair increase the growth of grey hair?

I do not have grey hair so I would not be able to answer that. However, I did ask my mum about the same and she says it doesn’t. It’s just a myth.

5) What are the side effects of coloring your hair? Will it harm eye or make my hair quality rough and damaged?

Okay, it’s been more than a month since I colored my hair. I have not seen any side effects. The fact that it harms your eyes is not true. But if you have really sensitive eyes, do talk to a doctor and the stylist about it.

No, hair coloring has not damaged my hair. Although there is a high concentrate of color used which tends to make your hair look dry, it is all about the right hair care. I switched my shampoo to SP Professional Color Save shampoo which works wonders on my hair. The rest of my hair care routine is almost the same as in my current hair care routine.

On the whole, Wella Cut and Color at Jean Claude Biguine was a pleasant experience and I absolutely loved how the staff went out of their way to ensure I felt at ease and gave great suggestions that would match my skin tone.

Thalgo Aqaurelle Regenerating Facial and Deep Moisturizing Manicure:

So the other day, I was so stressed after work that I headed to Jean Claude Biguine to get myself pampered.

So I had previously tried Thalgo samples I received during a bloggers meet at Jean Claude Biguine and I quite liked it. There are 4 types of Thalgo Facial depending upon the kind of requirement you have:

1) Aqaurelle Regenerating Facial – It is a tri-algae facial. This suits normal to oily skin and has natural marine extracts and seaweed.

2) Pure Freshness Ritual – This restores your natural balance of skin and has 46 natural minerals and extracts of lemon, ginseng and chamomile that purifies your skin.  Suited for all skin types.

3) Source Marine Ritual – This facial brings a healthy glow on your face and also works on skin that have pores.

4) Illuminating Treatment – A serum is applied to reduce pigment imperfections on face. This is followed by a lightening cream and mask to moisturise your skin.

I got the Aqaurelle Regenerating Facial for my skin type. As the name suggests, it has marine extracts in it. I was teleported to a beach. No kidding! Even before the facial started, I was given an amazing face massage  with a towel wrapped around my ears where rhythmic motions were used to create a illusion of a beach with waves hitting the shore.

There was exfoliation, cleansing, toning and moisturizing done all using Thalgo products. There is a facial pack used which is a tri-algae that is applied and covered with foil paper for almost 15 to 20 minutes. I loved how it brought a great glow to my face. However, the smell might be something you would not like. Since it is sea algae, it smells a lot like raw fish. 😛 But I liked the final outcome. Moisturized, clean and glowing skin. Here’s a picture I posted on Snapchat post Thalgo Facial (no makeup) 🙂

the jeromy diaries blogger princy mascarenhas post thalgo facial at jeamn claude biguine indiaWhich reminds me, I snap a lot about my blogging activities so follow for more updates on ID – thejeromydiary

I was quite intrigued by this manicure named Deep Moisturizing manicure. I was told that this is a soak-less manicure so I gave it a try!

This manicure starts with buffing, filing your nails etc after which instead of soaking your hands in water, you need to insert your hand inside a glove that is filled with gel liquid containing Keratin, Tea Tree oil and Aloe Vera. I love how easy and quick this was. I also loved the way my hands felt soft and supple after the manicure. This picture was clicked after an hour of the manicure. 🙂

deep moisturizing manicure at jean claude biguine the jeromy diaries review (1536 x 1536)

I absolutely loved trying these three services at Jean Claude Biguine. Thank you so much Jean Claude Biguine for such an amazing time at the salon. I have loved the services I took and will definitely be visiting this place for more.

When I wanted to get my hair colored, there was absolutely no one to let me know their experience. I hope my experience and the questionnaire I answered helps you understand how it works.  And for all of you reading this, if you have any queries regarding the hair color I got done, shoot them in the comments below 🙂 I’ll be happy to help 😀

Until next time,

Ciao. ♥

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  • Carol Thomas

    Thanks for the review Princy! Which outlet did you go to? I’m planning to get highlights done from JCB, nearest one for me is Koramangala.Can you tell me how much the average facial there costs?

    • Hi Carol! I got this done at the Koramangala outlet 🙂
      Highlights are priced at reasonable prices so give it a try!
      An average facial costs anywhere between Rs.1200 at JCB. There are many priced between Rs. 800 to Rs.1200 too I think. 🙂
      Have fun and show us your highlights!

      • Carol Thomas

        Thanks girl! Now I just need to get hubby to babysit and I’m off for a day of pampering .