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How are you all doing? I’ve been on leave from work for a few days and finally got some ‘me’ time.  When I think of ‘me’ time, rejuvenation at the salon or spa is ALL I can think of OR maybe binging on junk watching repeat telecasts of my favourite show F.R.I.E.N.D.S  ♥

spa room at spa la vie l'occitane the jeromy diaries (1632 x 1224)Talking of spa, I recently visited Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE to try their Revitalizing Aromachologie Massage 🙂 Let me be very honest with you all, I have never visited a spa before for a massage. I do visit salons and pamper myself but never for a massage. A lot of brands did get in touch with me to review the various massage packages they offer but I somehow always ended up saying no to everything. Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE was an exception though! 🙂 I have previously used L’OCCITANE Body Oils and have LOVED it! So I knew trying their massage would be the best thing to do considering it was my first time 😛

spa la vie l'occitane (1224 x 1632) spa la vie lo'ccitane vr bengaluru the jeromy diaries (1632 x 1224)Anyhoo, I was pleasantly greeted by the staff and taken care of from the time I entered until I stepped out of the spa. Since it was my first time, I was not sure what to expect but the Spa la Vie L’OCCITANE staff was kind enough to take me through the whole procedure with ease trying to explain what the massage was all about.

Spa la View L’OCCITANE describes Revitalizing Aromachologie Massage as one that combines gentle Swedish effleurages, deeper-pressure Lomi Lomi and Balinese movements with the invigorating blend of mint, pine and rosemary essential oils. First, the massage focuses on the left side of the body, the side of the heart, to gently stimulate the acupuncture meridians from head to toe. Then the right side is treated to ultimately release all the energy from the body. Feelings of fatigue or weakness simply disappear!

  • Duration – 60 Mins

My take on Revitalizing Aromachologie Massage at Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE

I was first asked to fill a form with details about my preferences where we could mention what part of our body is most stressed, more prone to pain as well as the kind of massage movements we would want. This means you can actually choose between gentle or firm massage movements.

spa visit to spa la vie l'occitane vr bengaluru (1632 x 1224)After filing the form, my masseuse led me to the spa room where she explained what she would be doing as well as handed over clothes to change to and a bath robe.  Before we started off with the experience, there was a welcome pedicure which was definitely a surprise but I absolutely loved it!

welome pedicure at spa la vie l'occitane the jeromy diaries (1632 x 1224)The spa is beautifully done and was hygienic as well. The massage as stated starts from the left side of the body slowly moving towards the right part of the body. I have never got a massage done so for the first time, it was a wonderful experience! My masseuse also played this really beautiful music in the background like the waves hitting the shore which was ALL I needed to take me to another world.

spa la vie l'occitane revitalizing aromachologie spa massage review (1632 x 1224)After the relaxing massage, to wipe of the body oil used, I headed for a quick shower. Something I really loved about the place is that the bathrooms are beautifully made and customers are pampered with L’OCCITANE hair care range. This way, if you feel some L’OCCITANE products worked for you, you can even buy it at the reception.

l'occitane products at spa la vie l'occitane the jeromy diaries at vr bengaluru (1224 x 1632)The Jeromy Diaries Verdict

On the whole, I had a pleasant experience at Spa la Vie L’OCCITANE and definitely look forward to go there again! If you need some ‘me’ time and want to just unwind after a stressful week, this is the place to be! The massage really helped me get rid of any feeling of fatigue and felt quite energizing.

On our TJD score card,

                                  Grade                         Meaning
                                  A+                      Excellent, MUST try!
                                  A                      Very good, worth a try
                                  B+                      Good
                                  B                      Satisfactory
                                  C+                      Go on, take a risk
                                  F                      EPIC fail! Stay away!

My experience at Spa la Vie L’OCCITANE scores a perfect Grade A+

Have you visited Spa la Vie L’OCCITANE at VR Bengaluru, Whitefield? If yes, do suggest a few spa treatments I can try! 🙂

*Disclaimer* Spa la Vie L’OCCITANE invited us for a review. However, my opinion is unbiased and based on my personal experience

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  • Priyanjana Roy

    I love their treatments! Just went there yesterday for some birthday pampering!

  • Love their Spa’s.. I did have a great time there too.

    xoxo- Chaicy
    Style.. A Pastiche!

    • Oh I want to know what you got done! Is there a post on your blog? 🙂

  • Pankhuri Singhvi

    Ahhh so luxe 😀 great review want to try this for the longest time but so far from my place 🙁

    • I stay in south Bangalore and even though it’s close, I find it far 🙁 whr do you stay? Go when you have to also visit a lot of other stores to visit at VR Bengaluru 😀

  • L’occitane spas are famous for the luxurious massages and oils.. I am sure it must have been a great first time experience ☺️

  • Love L’Occitane products so I’m sure their spa treatments must be awesome 🙂 great review as always.