Hello everybody! How are you all? Hope you all are in the pink of health! I am back with another book review for you all. We were sent this book titled” Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully right” for review.

A little about the author, Varsha Dixit. Varsha Dixit is the author of the best-selling novels “Right fit wrong shoe” (2009), “Xcess baggage” (2010), “Wrong means right end” (2012) and “Only wheat not white” (2014). She worked in the Indian Television Industry before moving to the US with her family. “Rightfully wrong wrongfully right” is her latest novel.

Now about the book. The book is freaking addictive! You can’t stop reading the book once you have started it. Her style of writing is simple yet sassy I say. It makes the point and makes us involve deeply with the characters. I simply loved it.

The protagonists of the book are Gayatri Dutta and Dr. Viraj Dheer. We fall in love with the characters however eccentric they are! The book begins with Viraj’s introduction. All the chapters in the book are named aptly! We get the essence of the chapter from the title. Like I said her writing style is the USP of the book. The other characters in the book are: Nikhil Chandel (Gayatri’s rakhi brother), Sneha Chandel (Nikhil’s wife), Aditya Sarin, and Nandini Sharma Sarin.

The book begins with Viraj. Viraj, the handsome and crazy mad scientist! Nothing much has been revealed in the first chapter, only we know that Viraj’s father was abusive. However snippets of Viraj’s life are revealed in the coming chapters. He is often described as a brilliant but practical man. Viraj is currently working with Gayatri’s rakhi brother Nikhil Chandel on his dream project, a high density, ultra capacitor battery that would enable small planes to fly several thousand miles on a single charge.


Gayatri, the rich spoilt diva, is fighting to establish herself because of her father, who wants her to come back to Amsterdam and marry a boy of his choice. The relationship between her father and her is very strained as he is very tyrant in nature and she has failed in a lot of business ventures here in Mumbai. She is desperate for a job and that lands her the job of Operations manager in Viraj’s lab. However everyone asks her to be very careful while handling Viraj because he was known to fire people for stupid reasons! He fired one manager because he brought chairs in the office. Viraj dislikes chairs because he feels that sitting down hampers efficiency! He fired another one because she put a coffee machine and snack vending machine in the break room. The third manager was fired because the crazy mad scientist caught him talking on his cell twice during work, and the fourth quit on his own that too within a week! So Gayatri was the fifth operations manager to be hired in the last two months! Sneha Chandel warned Gayatri to snag this job and keep it by some miracle. Both of them didn’t know that a coming tragedy would help them.

It so happened that some men near the tea stall near the lab attacked Gayatri and Gayatri fought them like a hero! Viraj appeared quite late at the scene and rushed Gayatri to the hospital feeling angry about it. While taking her to the hospital he recalls his childhood and his abusive father and how he had raised his hand on him and then ran away to his mentor Manohar Keshav and then completed his education and went to the US and completed two master’s degrees simultaneously (on scholarship). Then he came back to India only to find his father dead and his mother in a very worse condition. He took care of his mom and bought her back to health. His mother found happiness and love in Manohar Keshav and starts living with him. Viraj supports her decision wholeheartedly. He buys them an apartment in an up market area and showers her with all the materialistic comforts but she refused it all so he gifted her a tulsi sapling which was her favorite and she accepts it gladly J

A woman near the lab who was also a construction worker recorded the entire incident and sent it to the news channels! Gayatri had become a National hero overnight! This landed her the job and she started working and managed to creep slowly in Viraj’s mind. She noticed his sly interest in fellow scientist Sana Kirloskar and tried to set them up but the opposite was happening! Gayatri and Viraj do come closer and Viraj gets rid of her wine addiction and makes her realize what her true calling was, baking! He makes her independent and she moves out of her hotel and starts staying at an apartment independently. Sneha and Nandini who have been best friends also happen to get pregnant at the same time!

Meanwhile at lunch, Sneha and Nandini make another plan. At an office party, Gayatri gets drunk and disappears for two days! Then Viraj’s designs are suspiciously sold to their rival company and Gayatri is blamed for all of it. Viraj tells all his investors, and one of the investors in the project is Gayatri’s dad who is extremely angry on her. Viraj offers to the others that he will prove her innocence and if he fails he will offer a million dollar discount for his pay for the Phase 3 and if he succeeds he says he will buy Gayatri’s dad’s share.  Viraj sees through all of the matter and exposes the culprit. Read the book to find out how! Gayatri and Viraj have come very close and Gayatri tells him to reconsider his decision about her father. He disagrees and Gayatri resigns from her job as the operations manager and starts her own little business “Frosties” and becomes successful in it.

Both Gayatri and Viraj stay apart not seeing or contacting each other. They immerse themselves in work to not think about each other. But a fortunate turn of events during Sneha’s and Nandini’s deliveries brings them back together and it’s the happily ever after ending J

My take on Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right:

This book was a lot of fun to read! I loved everything about the book. Its language, its characters everything is perfect! It’s a must must read if you want a book to lighten you up J As I said once you start reading it you’ll never feel like putting it down! I loved the book J . You all must read this book. You’ll not regret! I had to do a little research about the other books as well because I had to understand the characters more. This was Gayatri and Viraj’s story but the other characters have their own special books as well!! I loved this book so much that I am going to read it again!

On our TJD score card,

                                  Grade                         Meaning
                                  A+                      Excellent, MUST buy!
                                  A                      Very good, worth a try
                                  B+                      Good
                                  B                      Satisfactory
                                  C+                      Go on, take a risk
                                  F                      EPIC fail! Stay away!

Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right scores a A+.

Take care people; I will be back with another review soon!

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    Awesome book… I loved this book.. guys please go for it..