Hi everyone 🙂

Hope you all are doing well! My week has been quite busy actually. Courtesy: Work! Well ya, I did ‘announce’ on social media that I was on a long vacay and I was so happy last week thinking I FINALLY have a long vacation I could look forward to. But what happens? I end up being called back to work for training. 😐 Although I absolutely LOVE training new hires at work, I have been handling batches back to back for the last 5 months and I just feel like I need a break, you know. 😐

Anyhoo, leaving my vacay rant aside, here I am to show a brand new addition to my collection of spectacles. Clear spectacles are all the rage right now. I have them in different frames like cat eye, aviators etc. But what sets this one apart is the beautiful Rosewood frames. ♥

fashion blogger princy mascarenhas the jeromy diaries in woodgeek rose wooden spectacles

A little more on that, in a bit. For everyone who is not aware of Woodgeek Store, here’s a small introduction to this brand:

Woodgeek store is an e-commerce startup with a passion for all things wooden! They have taken this obsession with wood to create the coolest personalized wooden products like – iPhone cases, journals, sunglasses, spectacle frames and bow ties.

personalized wooden spectacle case woodgeek the jeromy diaries woodgeek x the jeromy diaries

Who doesn’t love to personalize their stationary or sunglasses? Although the idea of a wooden iPhone case sounded more like my choice, I realized that my phone has more clothes when compared to me. 😛 So I went for this geeky rosewood round spectacles for a change. I got it personalized with my blog name on the  case and with the words free spirit engraved on the spectacles. 🙂

wooden frame spectacles online the jeromy diaries woodgeek spectacle case personalizing stationary iphone cases spectacles

Free spirit because it defines what I chose to do with my life, be it personal or professional. I got to enjoy the best of both worlds – as a full time employee at Amazon to being a blogger. 🙂 I didn’t really have to choose one path and act like I was okay about it. People around chose to talk about how being a blogger is not a profession and I shouldn’t really consider it. Well, we rule the world, you know. 🙂 My true inspiration has been The Blonde Salad (Chiara Ferragni). How she created her name into a brand that everyone wants to splurge on is plain wonderful. She speaks for the millions of influencers/bloggers around the world.

woodgeek wooden spectacles unisex the jeromy diaries

fashion blogger princy mascarenhas x woodgeek store collaboration

woodgeek collaboration the jeromy diaries bangalore fashion bloggerBlogging is much more than that. It lets you express your personal style in a way that you are comfortable speaking about. It need not always be a trend. It can just be something that you really love and want your readers to know about. Bloggers create stories. 🙂

bangalore fashion blogger the jeromy diaries princy mascarenhas wearing rose wooden spectacles

bangalore fashion blogger indian blogger princy mascarenhas the jeromy diaries x woodgeekOn another note, have any of you shopped from Woodgeek? If you have, what did you get personalized! Let me know in the comments below.

Picture Credits – Brilliantly captured by Arjun Shaw and Chaya Gogoi from Picsplot.

Until next time, Ciao. ♥ Stay connected with all our shenanigans. Find us as @thejeromydiaries on Facebook & Instagram!
  • naman shah

    Do you know if these are hand carved or machine carved?

    • Hi Naman, there are intricate details that are carved by hand and some parts done by machine. So there’s both.

  • Anusha Kondapaturi

    Woodgeek has some amazing products!

  • sahana ramanand

    Love the glasses and the photography

  • Bhoomika Gupta

    The glasses look so chic! And the personalised case is a definite must have!

  • Those glasses are so cool! I love the idea of being able to engrave the case, would make such an interesting gift.

  • Priya Raghuveer

    These frames are so hot!

  • I liked the rosewood frames, and the pair looks great on you, but somehow, I really do not get this trend of clear glasses.. I mean if one does not have any power, why wear them? It’s kinda weird to me

  • Anupriya DG

    Those glasses look so rad on you! <3

  • IshtyleAwhile

    The glasses look amazing and yes I agree, blogging is about creating stories. It is what we do best.