If you have read my first confusing post, you know what I am talking about right now!

I’m sure you are as excited as we are to know who is this CEO we have been talking about? Is this even a real person? And more importantly, is it a person who you work under or is it just a person who we look up to and idolize?

indias most loved ceoWhat if all our CEOs cared for our career and success? How will we find India’s most loved CEO? Do you think you have the best CEO or feel someone else whose personality and stature you admire should be your CEO?

How about making some athlete as our CEO? They are passionate, determined and people love their dedication. Are these qualities of being a CEO? How about Rajinikanth as our CEO? The man is charismatic and has a personality to die for. Not to forget his humble and comforting nature. Wouldn’t he be a perfect CEO? Will India nominate an actor or an athlete as their most loved CEO, if they had a chance? How is this going to end? This is getting exciting day by day.

Make sure you do nominate your favorite person as the CEO and share your thoughts about it using #IndiasMostLovedCEO on Twitter. The best entries win Flipkart vouchers and smartphones from Motorola! To keep a check on who and what India’s Most Loved CEO is all about, tune into www.indiasmostlovedceo.com.

We can think of so many personalities if we have to nominate our favorite CEO. Be it from any field; art, music or business. A person who possesses qualities of being determined, enthusiastic, humble and charismatic is a person who could be a CEO according to us. What do you think? Tweet using #IndiasMostLovedCEO. We are as confused as much as you are right now about who India’s Most Loved CEO is!

Let’s just wait and watch 🙂

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